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Welcome: Your Path to Creating Harmony in Relationship With Your Money + Exercise

The Heaviest Burdens We Carry Are the Thoughts We Think

The Greatest Freedom Comes from the Same Place

Before You Start :)

Welcome to Money & Harmony - a course that helps you find inner peace in relation to money.

The course is divided into five areas, each with a series of lessons. We have recorded a video for all lessons, explaining thoughts, strategies, and exercises, but we have also written a shorter version if you prefer reading to watching videos. 

The order of the lessons is Important.

We know you just want to get started with saving tricks and getting more money in your account. But first things first. We have structured the course so that you first deal with personal values and the philosophy and emotions surrounding money, before it becomes concrete and about the two things you can do to create more breathing room in your budget: Spend less and earn more.

In other words. Start with the beginning. Otherwise, it won't work.

If there are some exercises where you think: "I've already got that under control," then just move on to the next one.

Here is a brief introduction to the five elements

Part 1 - Values: First, we talk about values. Money represents value, and we probably all think it is valuable to have enough money. But for what, really? Understanding who you are, what is valuable for you in life, and how to achieve it is a lifelong process. What does it really take? We can't navigate our finances if we don't work consciously and continuously on this.

Harmony occurs when several elements play together in a way that creates beauty. Understanding these elements and their interplay is essential, and this can only be done with a personal clarification of values. So, that's where we start.

Part 2 - Energy: Money's energy and your energy are not the same, but they interact. Therefore, you need to learn how money affects you and how you best use your energy and resources. Working with the exercises and insights in this section will release a lot of wonderful energy.

Part 3 - Spending Less Money: This section is about how to put the initial exercises into play, making it easier to spend less money. At the same time, the section is packed with practical advice on controlling your expenses so they simply become less.

Part 4 - Earning More Money: Here, we share strategies you can use to increase your income. We discuss salary negotiations if you are employed, business strategy if you are self-employed, and what we call "The Side Hustle" if you want to start some new initiatives to earn money on the side of what you usually do.

Part 5 - Navigating Your Path: Utilizing Your New Knowledge for Future Growth: Finally, there are remarks, exercises, and strategies on how you combine everything you've learned into a way forward so you can get harmony in your money matters. How to internalize what you've realized so far, and how to keep your eyes on the ball moving forward.

In this course, we will explore what value truly means and what energy signifies in relation to money before diving into the practical side: The everyday mathematics of money and ways to enhance your income. Naturally, there's a concrete reality to address, and this course aims to guide you to a place where you experience freedom in a tangible financial sense.

There is no magic. Yet, it feels magical. There's no magic that conjures money out of thin air, nor are there magical exercises that can instantly transform everything. The real magic lies when you shift perspectives, engage in inner work, and dedicate time and resources to tackle the challenges that directly confront you.

Often, a significant part of these challenges is yourself, your thought patterns, habits, beliefs, and fears.

So, we begin there. And then proceed to the world of numbers and practical solutions. We first examine how you can think about money and then what you can do.

The philosophical part of the course addresses value and energy, while the practical part focuses on two key aspects you can work on to create more financial breathing room: reducing your expenses and increasing your income.

You have invested in this course because you want to make a change, and we want to help you do this.

The first exercise involves describing your reasons for seeking financial harmony and asking yourself where you truly stand today and where you aspire to be. You can write it, draw it, do both, or find another method. Having a reasonably clear vision of the change you wish to create is vital.

This course is based on 30 years of diverse financial strategies and models, based on our own life experiences and an equally long interest in the field.

Download the exercise.

We hope you will enjoy the course. We enjoyed making it for you :)

With love,

Cecilie & Jesper Conrad

Also, please write to us. We love to hear how our course is being used and would be happy to hear what has been most important for you. We would also like to hear if there's anything you think is missing so we can improve in the future.