Course: Money & Harmony

The Heaviest Burdens We Carry Are the Thoughts We Think

The Greatest Freedom Comes from the Same Place

Learn how to create harmony in your relationship with money.

The question we're most often asked about our life as a full-time traveling family is how we manage financially. Being able to finance one's existence is a fundamental phenomenon we all must contend with. For most people, travel is a surplus phenomenon, something you can afford if you have enough to save.

The reality is that the question of financial harmony doesn't start with the math.

It begins in the mind, with philosophy, emotions, and the ego.

In this course, we will work with what value really is and what energy means in relation to money before we delve into the practical side of things: the everyday mathematics of money and how we can increase our income.

Of course, there is also a concrete reality, and of course, this course is also about reaching a place where we experience freedom in a very concrete financial sense.

There is no magic. And yet, it is magical.

There is no magic that conjures money out of thin air, and there are no magical exercises that can instantly change everything. The magic that exists lies in changing perspective, doing the inner work, and using time and resources to solve the challenges that stand before you.

Often, a large part of those challenges is oneself. Your thought patterns, your habits, your beliefs, your fears.

So, we start there. And continue in the world of numbers and practicality. We first look at what we can think and then at what we can do.

The philosophical part of the course deals with value and energy; the practical part deals with the two things one can work on to create more financial breathing room: Spend less and earn more.

You are here because there is something you want.

Something you want to change.

Let us help you!

This course is based on 30 years with many different financial strategies and models in our lives and an equally long interest in the field.

🔒 We have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you don't feel a positive change after 30 days, you get your money back.

How the Guarantee Works:

  • Give it a shot: Apply what you learn for at least 30 days.
  • Not satisfied? Just write to us. And explain why it didn't work for you.
  • Get your money back. No questions, no hassle.

Welcome - Your Journey Towards creating Financial Harmony Starts Here

Part 1: Getting clear on Your Values

Money and Harmony - intro values
Knowing your values is essential for creating harmony

Money and Harmony - clear on values
What Really Matters to You? + Exercise

Part 2: Money is energy

Money & Harmony - Money as energy
Money as Energy

Money and Harmony money beliefs
What is Your Perception of the Nature of Money? + Exercise

Money and Harmony enoughness
Enoughness: When is enough enough? + Exercise

Money and Harmony money is energy 1
Money as an Energy that Flows Through You + Exercise

Part 3. The Practical Aspect: How to Spend Less Money.

Money and Energy - budget
Do You Know Your Expenses? Get a Grip on the Actual Numbers - Create a budget.

Money and Harmony strategies
Master the Strategies

Money and harmony flowchart
Do You Need It? + Exercise

Money and Harmony discount
Dare to Ask for a Discount?

Money and Harmony Go Through All Expenses
Go through all the expenses

Money and Harmony - Are You Buying a Dream of a Future Self?
Are You Buying a Dream of a Future Self? + Exercise

Money and Harmony personas
Can You Fire Yourself? + Exercise

Money and Harmony - celebration
How Do You Celebrate? Uncover Zero-Cost Rewards for Yourself + Exercise

Money and Harmony - expenses ok
Habit Change: Overcome Self-Deception – Keep Accurate Accounts

Part 4. The Practical Aspect: How to Earn More Money.

Money and Harmony - make money intro
Why Do You Want More Money?

Money and Harmony - Salary
If You’re Employed: Learn to Negotiate Your Salary

Money and harmony  - make more money
Self-Employed: Strategies for Boosting Your Business Revenue + Exercise

Extra english
Bonus: Products and Communication Channels + Exercise

Part 5: Navigating Your Path: Utilizing Your New Knowledge for Future Growth

Money and Harmony - 5 1
Embracing Financial Harmony: Integrating Value, Energy, and Money into Your Life Journey

Money and Harmony 5 - 2
Strategy for Success: Create a Money Journal and Calendar

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