Financial Harmony

Find the Balance Between Finance and Personal Values

We have now been traveling full-time for 5 and a half years. The question we most often get is: "What about money, how can you afford it, what do you work with?"

To afford traveling full-time, we have spent a lot of time learning to understand finance and have worked with our own relationship to money, what money is, and how to learn to consume in relation to one's values and how to learn to say yes to money and the energy that comes with it.

All this we would like to teach you. 

The workshop costs $50.

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Financial Harmony and Lifestyle Changes

If you look at our lives today and think: 'I'll just take that workshop, and then my life will look the same in six months.'

Then you're fooling yourself.

There are no quick fixes.

What we want to teach you are the techniques we ourselves have used to understand our relationship with money and create harmony around finances in our lives. There's no magic that creates money out of thin air.

In the workshop, we will go through the techniques that made it possible for us to live as digital nomads and travel full time.

If you're looking for 'easy' solutions, then we are not the right ones to help you.

It's a bit like going on a diet to lose weight. If you want lasting results, you need to change your lifestyle. The same applies when you need to create harmony in your finances. You need to change your financial lifestyle.

We want to teach you to consume in line with your values, and to learn to say yes to money and the energy that comes with it.

Cecilie - Jesper

Your Path to Financial Harmony

What we can teach you are all the shortcuts we ourselves could have taken if we had known better.

The last two years have found us in a fortunate financial position, allowing us time to think things through thoroughly, as we have been less money-hungry.

Our finance workshop is full of everything we wish we had known from the start.

Money is in many ways a mysterious thing, and there are thousands of techniques out there both for earning more and spending less. Ours is yet another one of them. The difference is that we won’t be blowing hot air, nor advocating for quick fixes.

We have realized that money is a huge practical and psychological phenomenon, and there are no easy paths. As with anything else you want to improve at, you need to practice. Many people have never studied money, practiced with money, reflected on money and energy; they've just run fast to make everything work and listened to a bit of envelope technique or percentage calculation here and there.

Our system is a comprehensive strategy to understand who you are and where you are in relation to money-economy, but also where you're headed, what you really want, and how you can become smarter without going bankrupt or having a nervous breakdown along the way.

Money-back guarantee.
If you don’t like what we teach you, and are sure that these techniques cannot save you the 350 kroner you paid for your ticket if you implement them for a month, then send an email and get your money back. That’s okay. We’re not out to cheat anyone. All we ask for is feedback, so we can get better at helping more people.

Financial freedom is personal freedom, and one can never have too much of that.

What You Will Learn at the Workshop


Gain insight into your personal relationship with money, ensuring your convictions, triggers, habits, and fears do not hinder your financial freedom.

Get Clear On Your Values

Money represents value. But do you know your own values? And is your money flow aligned with the life you want to live? Concrete techniques to gain more understanding in this area, how to work with them going forward, and what they can do for you.

The Math of Money

We share all the practical solutions we've found, the tricks and hacks that have worked for us - including those that have made us better at earning money. So, it's not just another savings system that you've heard a thousand times before; it's a daily methodology and an income strategy you can use moving forward to get everything under control. Or at least some of it :)

Participate in the Workshop

Choose the option that best suits you!

Remember, you can get your money back: All we ask for is feedback. If, after a month where you have wholeheartedly used at least some of the techniques, you don't believe it can save you $50 (or you've already saved them sevenfold), or can earn $50 more, we will give you your money back. We just need to understand why it didn't work for you, so we can come up with something better next time. Fair?

Replay + Worksheets


If you cannot participate on the day itself, you can purchase access to a recording of the workshop + worksheets, etc.

Of course, it's not the same as you miss out on being there LIVE and participating in the group tasks. But we would like to offer the opportunity to those who cannot attend.


Participate in the Workshop!


Create harmony in your financial life. Learn the techniques we ourselves use that have given us personal financial freedom.

In addition to the workshop, you will receive a series of exercises that you can use to anchor your new knowledge and incorporate the techniques you learn.

Workshop + 1-1 Mentoring


Dive deeper into what you learn at the workshop.

The normal price for 1-on-1 conversations is $140. Workshop + 1-1 mentoring would normally be $190.

Purchase it simultaneously and receive a $50 discount.

Yes, you actually get the workshop for free!

You can have the conversation before the workshop to be extra well prepared or after a month when you have implemented the techniques. The conversation must take place within three months after the workshop.